Continuing our mission to help people heal their bodies naturally!

After months of research and testing, we are so excited to launch our own line of custom formulated CBD pain relief products through our new company –

We have had the unique opportunity to have our clients, so many of whom are living with chronic and/or acute pain and injuries, to beta test our formulations. Through their feedback, we were able to continually refine our products until we were certain they were the absolute best, most effective CBD topicals on the market.

Our line includes:

  • 50mg Pain Relief Cream
  • 50mg Pain Relief Stick
  • 50mg Deep Muscle Epsom Soak.

  • In addition to highly potent CBD, our formula includes eight pain and inflammation relieving herbs and five healing essential oils.

    Pick some up in the boutique after your full body CBD MASSAGE. BUY ONLINE

    • All Naturally Derived Ingredients
    • No Pesticides or GMOs
    • Lab Tested for Consistency and Quality
    • Pleasantly Scented with Organic Essential Oils
    • Effective Treatment for Pain and Inflammation