Change Is In the Air

You may have noticed some changes around VBT lately. We have converted our beautiful (and formerly empty) room downstairs into the Vital Boutique! Our aim is to bring you artisanal goods that make you feel VITAL…products designed for nurturing and self-care; that will inspire creativity and adventure; that are an outward expression of your inner beauty and vibrance. We’ve carefully sourced our products from companies that have a commitment to upholding our common values: Fair trade practices We believe in supporting other small businesses, whether here in the US or when buying imports from other countries. Our line of luxurious alpaca throws and blankets is by Shupaca, who works directly with Ecuadorian artisans to produce their products. Not only are these artisans fairly compensated, they are paid directly without other companies taking a piece of the pie that isn’t theirs! Natural, organic ingredients None of our skin care products or candles are scented with chemical ‘fragrance,’ only natural essential oils. We especially love the Cottage Greenhouse line of body creams, scrubs, body oils, and bath salts. Each product is filled to the brim with botanic plant infusions and every product is paraben free and never animal tested! Giving Back We already knew we loved Sydney Hale candles, but when we learned that they donate a portion of the sale of their products to dog rescue, it was an easy decision to carry them in our store. VBT was founded by two dog lovers! Next time you’re in, pick up a yummy Brown Sugar and Bourbon candle for your home, and know that you’re helping dogs find forever homes (you can even see pictures of the dogs they’ve rescued on their website)!×600.jpg We invite you to browse the shop at your next visit. Pick up something for yourself to compliment your massage – a soothing, warm neck wrap or a fresh new journal to write down your inspired musings. If you’re feeling especially indulgent, go for a sea salt dark chocolate bar, too. No apologies, no guilt! Cheers to feeling VITAL.

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