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Actual reviews and ratings from clients offered via our survey system, Listen360. We take their words and suggestions to heart to deliver the BEST possible experience.

Marion H: April 23, 2017 – Rating: 10/10

Professional, skilled, addressed my injury and general wellness needs.

Scott E: April 22, 2107 – Rating: 10/10

Whitney keeps track of specific injuries and the progress or regression that has been made throughout time. She is an asset to your company for the excellent customer service she gives.

Renske E: April 9, 2017 – Rating: 9/10

It was very professional. Even though I booked a 50/50 massage, the therapist adjusted the massage techniques based on my specific problem areas (included pressure point). As being unfamiliar with pressure point techniques I was very happy she did, I believe that I made a positive difference.

Ami S: August 5, 2016 – Rating: 10/10

The entrance and home is very special-professional and healing. The receptionist and pace of the place is comforting and quiet. Leah was AMAZING- strong and slow!

Ashley S: April 3, 2017 – Rating: 10/10

The BEST massage I’ve EVER had!!

Meredith B: April 2, 2017 – Rating: 10/10

Leah was completely competent and professional. She used just the right amount of pressure and was extremely present during the session. I appreciate her. I like it that the place of business is beautifully decorated with space to breathe.

Shaylee E: March 29, 2017 – Rating: 10/10

I really enjoyed my massage. I cant remember what my massage therapist’s name is but she was amazing, she totally worked out my neck muscles and I finally got a release in my shoulders. The place overall was very tranquil and they made me feel super comfortable. If I could afford a membership I would be back every week. Thank You!!

Megan L: March 24, 2017 – Rating: 10/10

It’s easy to make an appointment, the staff is great, the massage therapists are all wonderful, the environment there is calming, clean and comfortable and it’s overall a wonderful place for a great massage.

Keith M: July 19, 2016 – Rating: 10/10

The atmosphere is awesome. You can tell it’s a top notch business by the friendly service and clean rooms. Dara is professional and has helped me mentally and physically with her good communication and attention to detail.

Chris G: July 9, 2016 – Rating: 10/10

I felt very welcome when I arrived and received water and a warm pad for my shoulders while I filled out paperwork. It was a great experience overall.

Johanne D: July 2, 2016 – Rating: 10/10

Elizabeth was outstanding! I went in with horrible pain and with her skillful hands I left feeling great.

Lorraine G: June 29, 2016 – Rating: 10/10

Your place is very pretty and the room where my massage was was peaceful and relaxing. I was welcomed by a friendly person! My masseuse was terrific! One if my best massages!

Courteney B: June 30, 2016 – Rating: 10/10

I like that you actually listen to your clients and give them exactly what they need and want. You are very accommodating and that is a blessing. Thank you!

Jillian W: June 20, 2016 – Rating: 10/10

I enjoyed my experience from start to finish – beautiful space & professional staff. Thank you!

Leon M: June 19, 2016 – Rating: 10/10

Friendly helpful front office person, nice atmosphere, and great massage!

Colleen C: June 6, 2016 – Rating: 10/10

For the past month or so, I have had chronic pain in my neck shooting down my back. I had a couple visits to the chiropractor along with massage therapy, yet the pain still persisted. I informed Ariel of this pain and she did trigger point work on the front of my neck. The work was super intense and completely alleviated all my neck and back pain. Ariel informed me when you have lingering muscle pain/stiffness, trigger point work can be very helpful. Who knew the front of my neck actually needed to be worked on to alleviate back of the neck pain! I am so grateful Ariel worked on me and I highly recommend her. You can tell she loves what she does and it shows my how thorough and caring she is as a massage therapist!

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