$100/60min, $140/90min
Targeted sessions designed to restore function, increase range of motion and flexibility, and/or treat a specific injury or chronic pain area.

Deep Tissue

Advanced massage and neuro-muscular therapy techniques are used to relax, lengthen, and release holding patterns in deep muscle fibers and connective tissues. Session is most often targeted to specific problem regions such as the back/neck/shoulders, low-back/hips, arms/hands/shoulders. A full-body deep tissue session requires 90-minutes.
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Injury Specific

An array of advanced techniques are used to treat chronic and/or acute injuries such as muscle strains, repetitive stress injuries, joint immobility, post-surgical scar tissue, and sciatica. Session may include deep tissue massage, stretching, joint ROM, active release technique, and/or trigger point therapy. This is NOT a full body session. Please come with clothing that your therapist can work around if necessary (sports bra, loose fitting shorts, etc).
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Whether you participate in sports regularly for competition or simply fun, you can benefit from a massage tailored to the bodily demands of your specific sport. This massage can help prevent injuries, improve alignment and flexibility, and help you rehabilitate acute or chronic injuries. Please specify your sport when booking. We work with athletes of all types – below are a few examples of what to expect for a few types of sports.
Runners: Focused work on gluteals, hip flexors, legs/IT band, calves, feet, and low back.Cyclists: Focused work on gluteals, hip flexors, legs/IT band, mid to low back, and neck.Swimmers: Focused work on full back, shoulder/arms, and neck.
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